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DThe history of Giethoorn

Giethoorn, located in the top of Overijssel, is a village with a rich past. The history of Giethoorn starts in 1230. The village is founded by the Flagellants, refugees from the Mediterranean. They found many horns of wild goats there and named their settlement Geytenhorn. Later this name was corrupted into Geythorn, which eventually became Giethoorn again.

The village Giethoorn

The characteristic village of Giethoorn has its origins in the excavation of peat. Peat plays a big part in the The history of Giethoorn. The peat diggers removed the peat from the soil in the favorable places, mixed it in a mixing trough and threw the peat on the land to let it dry; then peat was cut from it.
Puddles and lakes were created by excavating peat. Canals and ditches were dug to transport the peat. As a result, many houses are built on islands, as it were. Islands that can only be reached via the characteristic bridges. Giethoorn is therefore not called the Venice of the North for nothing.
Kerk van Giethoorn

Experience Giethoorn yourself

Would you like to experience Giethoorn yourself and sail through the centuries-old canals? Today, the many narrow canals, the bridges, the picturesque farms and the beautiful gardens determine the face of Giethoorn. Giethoorn has a lot to offer, especially in the field of recreation and relaxation. How about a wonderful day sailing in a whisper boat; enjoy the beautiful village scene and the beautiful nature around the village? Or the cruise, where no spot is missed and an expert skipper who tells you everything about the history of Giethoorn or beautiful cycling routes through the area, with all its natural beauty? In short, plenty of options for a fun day out! Rondvaart Zuideinde Giethoorn for a wonderful day out!

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