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Sailing in Giethoorn at Zuideinde Boat Rental

If you want to fully enjoy everything Giethoorn has to offer, then renting a boat in Giethoorn is highly recommended. You then sail your own route and you can see everything you encounter on your way. Stopping at a beautiful museum, drinking a cup of coffee on one of the many nice terraces or mooring on an island for a picnic or swimming, it’s all possible! Rondvaartbedrijf Zuideinde has been the place for boat rental in Giethoorn for many years. In addition to the well-known whisper boats, we have several types of boats. You can choose from normal whisper boats, whisper boats with steering wheel, large family boats and electric sloops. If you want to sail extra comfortably, it is best to rent a sloop in Giethoorn. Do you want to rent a boat in Giethoorn soon, scroll down to book

Varen in Giethoorn

An experience in itself

Sailing through Giethoorn in a boat is an experience in itself. You can sail yourself or opt for a cruise. When you go sailing yourself, you will receive a map from us with the possible sailing routes through Giethoorn. As true connoisseurs, we can point out all the sights, catering highlights and cultural temples that the village has to offer. We also definitely recommend exploring the beautiful surroundings from the water. We know the area like the back of our hand and present you the routes through nature that fit your time slot. Don’t be afraid that you will disturb the peace of the water birds, fish and other animals, because all our boats in Giethoorn are whisper-quiet.

Options for sailing in Giethoorn

Sailing in Giethoorn via Rondvaart Zuideinde can be done in different ways. For example, you can join one of the multilingual cruises. As one of the few in Giethoorn, we treat our guests to a delicious cup of coffee or tea or a refreshing lemonade. In addition to the canalcruises, we offer various packages, of which sailing in Giethoorn is an integral part. Are you organizing a bachelor party, team outing or family day? Group Canalcruise in Giethoorn of Private Canalcruise in Giethoorn.

Finally, you can contact us to rent a boat yourself, which you can use to sail in Giethoorn with 1 to 8 people, depending on which boat you rent.

Varen in Giethoorn
Varen in Giethoorn

Sailing in and around Giethoorn yourself

Renting a boat and sailing yourself in Giethoorn is a real pleasure. You can easily book for this via this website. Look at the possibilities from our boat rental in Giethoorn. If you click on the boat of your choice, you will see in the overview when it is available. The reservation page is self-explanatory. If you have any questions or need help, you can always call us. On the day you come sailing in Giethoorn, you will be warmly welcomed by our enthusiastic team. One of them will explain to you how the whisper boat or sloop works and show you the possible sailing routes. We have routes for short boat trips as well as for full-day sailing in Giethoorn and the surrounding area. Sailing yourself with one of our whisper boats or sloops is a piece of cake. Giethoorn has a maximum sailing speed of 6 kilometers per hour and you do not need a license.

Boat rental in Giethoorn by Rondvaart Zuideinde  

Rondvaart Zuideinde has been the place to go for a cruise or a day of sailing in Giethoorn for many years. Whether it’s a day out for two or your family or a group outing with family, friends or colleagues; we take all your wishes into account and go to great lengths to make your day sailing in Giethoorn possible as you envision it. Book now or contact us for all your questions and wishes!

Whisper boats rental Giethoorn

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