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Would you like to book a cruise? At Rondvaart Zuideinde you can buy a ticket online for a beautiful tour through Giethoorn with a captain/guide who explains about Giethoorn.

Check which departure times are available via the online booking system

Canal Cruise Giethoorn 1-hour village tour

Our tour boat sails for one hour through the center of Giethoorn and across the lake. The boat goes past the old farms and under the bridges. The skipper tells all kinds of details about Giethoorn. The prices include a cup of coffee / tea / lemonade / water  
TypeRental price 2022
Children 4-12 years€5,--
Children 0-3 yearsFree-
Buses/groupsMail for Price to info@zuideinde.nl
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Canal Cruise Giethoorn Private tour

We sail every day with the regular 1-hour trip. During this tour you sail along with other people in the tour boat. However, if you want the boat for yourself, you can rent the boat in its entirety for a private trip. A private tour is mainly suitable for family days, birthdays or anniversaries. The prices include a cup of coffee / tea / lemonade / water


HoursPrice 2022
1-Hour Private Boat TourFrom €195
2-Hours Private Boat TourFrom €380


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