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Would you like to take a cruise in Giethoorn with a group? Then you have come to the right place at Rondvaart Zuideinde   literally and figuratively! Not only does Rondvaart Zuideinde offer the longest and most beautiful cruise through Giethoorn, because of its location in the southernmost tip of the village. For many decades you have also been able to come to Zuideinde for the most complete range of cruises. We also have a wonderful tour in Giethoorn in store for your group. Just the way you want it!

Take a nice cruise in Giethoorn with a group

Taking a cruise through Giethoorn is a true experience. The beautiful peat village is characterized by the long canals, the countless bridges, the museums and the characteristic farms in beautiful gardens. Rondvaart Zuideinde has been providing the longest and most beautiful canal cruise for decades. Under the guidance of an experienced skipper you will be sailed through the village and across the lake. Of course you will be extensively informed about what you see and the history. Do you have a question? The skipper has the answer! All skippers speak Dutch, English and German as standard. If you want to sail and are interested in text and explanation in another language, let us know and we will see what is possible.

Lots of capacity

Whether you want to sail with two people, one family or with hundreds of people, you can almost always go to Rondvaart Zuideinde. We have several tour boats. This allows us to handle large groups who want to take a cruise through Giethoorn. In total we have 4 large tour boats and another 2 smaller ones. If you come with a very large group, we can also use the three tour boats from our sister company Koppers-Giethoorn. Groups of no less than 250 people or more are therefore no problem for us. Regardless of the size of your group, a Giethoorn cruise provided by Zuideinde is guaranteed to be a success!

Customized canal cruise Giethoorn

Your cruise can be completely customized. Rondvaart Zuideinde is located in the southernmost part of the village. The standard cruise is rightfully the longest cruise in the village. If you would like to adapt the Giethoorn cruise to your wishes for your group, for example with a stopover for a walk in the village or a visit to a museum, then this can of course be discussed. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

More information group tour Giethoorn

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for you and your group with regard to making a canal cruise in Giethoorn? Take a further look at this website www.zuideinde.nl or contact us without any obligation on telephone number: 0521 – 36 12 10 or by e-mail: info@zuideinde.nl.
We wish you a lot of fun!

Sailing with a small group

Are you with a small group but still want to sail? Then you can join the regular cruise that sails several times a day.

Would you like to have a private tour boat just for you? You can therefore rent the entire boat for a private trip for a fixed amount.

For more information about a regular cruise or a private tour with a smaller group, click here.