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Are dogs allowed on the whisper boat/tour?

Yes, dogs are allowed on the cruise free of charge. Ask yourself whether it is useful to take it on board with a large dog (such as a Saint Bernard).

If you rent a boat, a dog is allowed in the boat, provided it is accompanied by a blanket or blanket for the dog to lie on. Dogs must remain on the ground at all times and are not allowed on benches, as we are careful with the precious cushions in the boat. If the cushions are damaged by dog nails, the deposit will be retained

How many people can fit in a whisper boat?

The number of people per whisper boat depends on the type of boat. Click on types of whisper boats for the different types.

Do you need a boat license to rent a boat?

No, you do not need a license to rent a whisper boat. Only a dose of common sense is needed when driving the whisper boats

Are life jackets available?

We have a number of life jackets to borrow on location. Unlike many other companies, the life jackets are included in the rental free of charge. However, it is possible that on busy days all life jackets have already been provided. If you want to be sure of a life jacket; then bring one yourself.

Hoe diep is het water in Giethoorn?

Het water in geheel Giethoorn is slechts 1 meter diep. Zowel in de grachten als op het grote meer. U hoeft dus niet bang te zijn om te verdrinken

Can you bring food or drink?

Yes. Unlike many other companies, you can bring your own food and drinks on a cruise or in a whisper boat. It is also possible to buy cans of soft drinks from us and take them on board.

Where can you swim?

At the ‘swimming island’ on the lake the ‘Bovenwijde’ within the fence. We advise you to wear swimming shoes. You may be injured by objects on the bottom.