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The choice for your outing has fallen on Giethoorn! A wise choice, because a day in Giethoorn guarantees effort and relaxation. Lots of fun for young and old. The wetland area in and around the village offers countless opportunities for countless activities during your day in Giethoorn.

What kind of Activities can we do with a day in Giethoorn?

The ancient peat village of Giethoorn is known for its canals, bridges, beautiful farms in equally beautiful gardens, the lakes and of course … boats. A day in Giethoorn can be arranged in such a way that there is something for everyone to experience. There is entertainment for young and old!

If you want to view the village from the boat, you can join the tour boat. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you will be sailed through the village and across the lake. The skipper will be happy to tell you more about everything you will see and of course the history. Your cruise can be tailor-made, for example with a stopover for a short walk or a visit to a museum.
Would you rather sail yourself? That is of course also possible. Rondvaart Zuideinde has the so-called whisper boats ready for you! These boats, for a maximum of 6 adults per boat, are equipped with an electric motor. You sail silently through the canals. If the group is larger, you can take a puzzle tour in several boats. Will you be the winner of the day? If sailing in the whisper boat yourself is not yet strenuous enough, you can go punting. You push your boat forward with a long sailing pole. Just like before!

Other activities day in Giethoorn
Rondvaart Zuideinde does not only have numerous boats. She also has dozens of bicycles with which you can make long trips through the village and the natural surroundings of Giethoorn. The nature reserves De Wieden and De Weerribben are perfect for hours of cycling fun.
If it’s not colorful enough for you, Zuideinde can organize an active program for larger groups. In traditional games, such as pitchfork throwing, you compete against your fellow group members.

The choice for an arrangement
Rondvaart Zuideinde provides you with all the activities during your day in Giethoorn. Of course, your host and hostess have not forgotten the inner person. Depending on your wishes, you choose an arrangement. Zuideinde provides the cup of coffee with apple pie upon arrival on the Zuideinde site to complete BBQ packages. An extensive coffee buffet or fully catered brunch. Rondvaart Zuideinde will arrange it for you.

More information about our company or our arrangements
Would you like to know more about the possibilities and arrangements of Rondvaart Zuideinde for your activities day in Giethoorn? Then take a further look at this website or contact the Van der Zande family without any obligation on telephone number: 0521 – 36 12 10 or by e-mail:
Have fun!